MALANG CITY – Total of 18 students were crowned as the best graduates’ candidates by ITN Malang. Because they have a high GPA (Grade Point Average/IPK) and a shorter graduation, also because it is able to make an interesting work that they are crowned as the best. Thus, in the 59th graduation, the period I of 2018 on Saturday, March 10, 2018, ITN Malang crowned them as the best graduates of 357 graduates. Five of them are Fitra Rani Klida Afiani, Robi Maeza, Rifqi Bagus Wicaksoo, Aloysius Yanuardi Setya Purnama, and Teguh Adi Irawan.

Fitra Rani, S-1 graduate of Industrial Engineering Faculty is not only graduated with the highest GPA of 3.9. Dara from Malang is also making software application of superior rice production in Agricultural Technology Assessment Center (BPTP) East Java. “My goal is to computerize all data in BPTP which is initially is only a memorandum, and also can be accessed to classify the types of rice either superior, medium and less,” said Fitra. Although Fitra will not continue with the software, she keeps track of its progress. “I am interested to continue in the private sector, so this project is continued with my junior level who are also internship in BPTP,” she said.

While Robi Maheza, the graduate student of Engineering Faculty is successfully designing automatic baby swing control system based on fuzzy logic. “When the parents are busy on their duty, babies with a maximum weight of 7 kg can be placed on the swings so that calmer,” said Robi. Equipped with 3 sensors, there are motion sensors, sound and temperature, this electric-fueled tool only spend up to Rp 2 million.

Next, Rifqi Bagus Wicaksono. D-III Graduates of Industrial Engineering successfully create a fish smoker tools. Two months pioneered, the tool is finally able to materialize with a stainless steel-weighted 90 kg. For the excess, it capable of cooking 45 kg simultaneously within an hour.

Rifqi said, the early manufacture of the tool because he saw the smoke fish craftsmen in the area Prigi, Watulimo, Trenggalek are still cooking in the traditional way. “If used the old stove, because the open air, the burning will be faster, but if using this tool, it will be minimizing the coconut shell, hygienic and time more quickly cooked,” he explained.

While Alloysius Yanuard, S-1 graduate student of architectural grade, managed to design a simple rental apartment in Malang with the theme of sustainable architecture. The young man who from Denpasar, Bali is concerned about the environmental issues and government. Therefore, he created a mansion that is expected to minimize the negative impacts of environmental, social and cultural.

Different with his four friends, S-1 graduates of Industrial Engineering, Teguh Adi made a forecasting system of raw material inventory in one of the UKM banana chips in Singosari. The purpose is to reduce the excess of raw materials and storage that led to the destruction of materials.

The five students who graduated from ITN, only need two months to complete their project. Rector of ITN, Dr. Ir Lalu Mulyadi MT stressed that the alumni of ITN Malang must be creative and innovative. “Not only in the field of technology but also in the other areas of positive value for society,” he said.

Journalist        : Feni Yusnia
Editor : Kholid Amrullah
Translator        : Rodliah Zinka Fauziah
Fotographer       : Feni Yusnia